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KP Sanghvi stands for much more than just diamonds, jewellery or infrastructure. The name carries a certain value and stature with which comes a sense of responsibility to the society at large. Our business philosophy is based on integrity, honesty and trust and the need to balance business success with social responsibilities. Based on these principles, we have contributed towards giving back to the community as part of our strong social ethics.

The first woman-only diamond polishing factory in Surat is a first-of-its-kind initiative by the KP Sanghvi Group. This is an initiative to help women being independent and having a livelihood within the context of the patriarchal Indian society.

KP Sanghvi
Charitable Trust

Through its Trust, established over two decades ago, KP Sanghvi encourages and supports the under-privileged sections of society in India by providing disaster relief and contributing towards development at a national level. KP Sanghvi has contributed to a number of causes, besides providing relief material, rations and medical care where ever it is most needed in the country. Whether it is natural calamities or national emergencies, KP SANGHVI has taken every step necessary to help those affected; be it during the Kargil War, the Kutch earthquake or the Orissa floods.

The Trust also deals with issues in the local communities, at the grassroots level. For instance, in 2001, when Rajasthan (a Western state in India) faced severe droughts, the Trust provided cattle fodder to tribes staying in the interior regions and saved their cattle, which was the sole means of their livelihood and income. The Trust also took up the work of cleansing of ponds and lakes in Sirohi (a city in the South of Rajasthan) which provides regular drinking water supplies in 128 villages across the region. Over the last 20 years, the Trust has planted around 20000 trees, which today provide a shade for pilgrims who visit the holy town of Palitana, besides contributing to the ecological balance to the region.

KP Sanghvi

KP Sanghvi Hospital, established on 23rd November 2000 and KP Sanghvi Eye Institute, established on 31st May 2013 in Surat provide medical care and medical educational opportunities as part of its activities.

Pavapuri – A Holy Sanctuary for Pilgrims

The founders of KP Sanghvi Group constructed a Tirth Dham on May 30, 1998 called the KP Sanghvi Pavapuri Temple, visited by over 365,000 people annually. The initial thought was to construct a small temple and a shelter for 100 cows only but by God’s grace and blessings the campus is now spread over more than 500 acres of land. The temple complex occupies 31,01,472 sq. ft. area and houses an animal welfare centre known as the Jeev Raksha Kendra (Animal Welfare Centre), which occupies 71,96,112 sq. ft. area providing shelter and medical aid to approximately 7250 sick, injured, old, retired, homeless and rescued stray cattle.

When it comes to helping the underprivileged, KP Sanghvi ensures no stone is left unturned. Because just as skill and craftsmanship makes for a perfect diamond, every iota of effort to provide succour to the needy makes the world a better place too.